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Foxcam Body Worn Video Camera

Foxcam is the highest recording quality body worn video camera in the market today. Tough and innovative in design for Front Line Policing and Security. Foxcam is the most advanced, yet simple to operate body camera in service.

Its built-in wide angle lens gathering crucial evidence with its exceptional 140 degree field of view, HD quality video and audio and night-vision capability.

Key Features:

  • Rapid,  One-Touch Video Record (OTR)
  • Evidential quality video options includes 1080P colour High Definition (HD)
  • 30 & 60 frames per second (FPS)
  • 17 hours recording time
  • Infra-red (IR) night vision for security & facial recognition with IR illuminator for low light conditions.
  • Evidential GPS Position (Geographic latitude and longitude) and European format Time,Date GEOTAG to video, frame by frame,
  • 140° wide angle lens
  • Audio Recorder (only)
  • External camera and microphone (AVIN) option
  • 16 megapixel camera
  • Instant playback on 51mm full colour monitor with screen capture and zoom
  • Password protection and ID number
  • 32GB embedded memory
  • 10 hour battery life*
  • Light weight 170g
  • Body, Car and Cycle mounting including Klick Fast
  • Remote Speaker Microphone for Two-Way radio
  • Earphones audio socket
  • HDMI output for HD television connection
  • Digital Video Management Software with GPS e-map display
  • Recording in progress illuminated indicator front and side
  • Optional overt “Video Recording” printed housing
  • Language options
  • Range of accessories inc. USB Docking station
  • Full Police Back Office Management Software
  • Solutions with Turnkey installation & service options

* Extended power and recharge module available

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