Evidence Gathering Tools

C3 Partner Media Management System

C3 Partner is a stand-alone application to enable Law Enforcement Officers to easily manage video and associated data captured by their body-mounted video camera as well as other media sources.

C3 Partner provides one of the most comprehensive back-end management systems for Body Camera support and can be integrated with different law enforcement databases.

Key Features:

  • Automatic downloading and cataloguing of media files from camera via USB port. Other media files can be added to any case record.
  • Catalogue manager allows users to select the appropriate videos or image files involved in an incident, or earlier incident, and associate them with a Case.
  • Administration tools include user account management, account reporting for chain of custody activity and maintaining Case classifications.
  • Activity reporting provides a chain of custody profile for any user account or Case file including searchable queries and detailed descriptions.
  • Search for Incident Reports by Case types or date range or graphically view case locations and types on a map, with the ability to zoom into the specific case and review all the information and media.
  • Configurable network storage and NAS storage parameters to provide easy expandability of storage devices and archiving options.
  • Integrated Case Management
  • Automated Unit ID assignment for each camera
  • Burn video to DVD for evidentiary purposes
  • Review and manage videos and other metadata
  • Centralised Management:
  • Data accessible to multiple, authorised departments or individuals to review case information
  • Print full reports to PDF with embedded images and videos
  • Archive old cases

Membership and Accreditations: