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The world’s first high luminance LED flashlight with a built–in full HD camcorder as well as GPS, path tracking and distance measurement functions via the integral GPS map. Waterproof to a depth of 100m with full video capability, Foxton’s DVR Flashlight is not only perfect for your security applications but also for leisure activities such as scuba diving, off road driving and camping.



DVR Flashlight is a new breed of multi function tool, incorporating a powerful LED flashlight with a built–in HD camcorder, night vision with infra–red and full GPS mapping. Having everything to hand in one, convenient package has never been so easy.

Having identified four main markets for the DVR Flashlight, with literally thousands of uses within, the DVR Flashlight is fast becoming the must have specialist tool that is being taken into the field. Whether you are using it in a Military, Rescue, Industrial, Security or Leisure application, you can count on many hours of dependable use and a host of time saving benefits.

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